Making Athletes Mobile-Agile- Hostile!!!
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Proudly Serving Athletes in Lackawanna County and Nationwide

Underground Training and Sports Conditioning, Scranton, PA

Underground Training and Sports Conditioning, Scranton, PA
                                             Train to Be a Beast!!!!!!

 New Breed Athletics

is not the biggest gym in N.E.P.A, so space is limited.We feel that to be a member of our gym is a privilege not a right.We're after serious and dedicated athletes who want to maximize their athletic potential on a daily basis.We have no time for laziness or excuses.We "do" expect you to go Beast Mode and give 110% the moment you walk into the gym.We also expect you to be consistent with your workouts and nutrition.Consistency and dedication to your program and nutrition are key in maximizing your athletic potential.Our promise to you is "we will help you to achieve your goals as long as you promise to go Beast Mode at everything you do"! NOW,LETS GET IT!!!!

Contact us today at (888) 688-1849 Warning!!! This type of training insn't for Chumps!!!!

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